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Fascinating Brittany

A captivating mix of spectacular and rugged coastline, medieval towns, magical islands and inland woods. It is a land rich in culture, tradition and history.

Brittany is one of France’s most unspoiled regions. The Bretons are a people whose language, customs and dress remain a vivid homage to their past. Breton traditional dancing at summer festivals looks wonderfully picturesque and quaint, especially when performed in old-fashioned costumes.With a huge variety of coastal, river and lake settings, Brittany offers almost limitless possibilities for world class water sports, including, surfing, sailing, windsurfing, sand yachting, paddle boarding , kayaking…

Saint Malo, known for its castle, the cathedral of Saint Vincent and its 14th century ramparts which overlook the sea is the birthplace of the famous French writer and statesman, Chateaubriand.

Other cities like Dinard, Dinan, Quimper are simply enchanting. The sea food platter is a regional speciality.

Accommodation for this trip is in a beautiful mansion approved by L’Education Nationale and Jeunesse et Sport. All rooms are en suite and health and Safety, again a top priority.

Activities include:  Galette making, art workshop, glass making, water and terrestrial  sports,  basket weaving, lunch buying at local market, and cycling on a vélo rail.

Visits include:  Schools, museums, historically important towns and cities, traditional Breton farms, boulangeries and cidreries, an oyster farm,  a tidal power station and Saint Malo aquarium.

Entertainment includes an evening with Breton dancers – which never ceases to enthuse and delight out British students.

Tailor made programmes The most successful programmes in Brittany are the cultural and science ones – click here to let us know what your requirements are ad we will be happy to let you know how we can meet them